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You might use it to offer suggestions for ways to improve the site, or perhaps to express personal feelings and experiences. We want our speech to build up and our words to be seasoned with salt.

Should you wish to open a dialogue on a scriptural topic, we highly recommend the Discuss the Truth website which is well suited and moderated for this purpose of rewarding discussions on Bible research.

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Jo Joel

Like to ask questions.


Speaking of God’s name I came across this link that was posted on the Jehovah’s Witness Topix site, that renders God’s name in a slightly different way.

Just do a search on-line for papers entitled “Jesus Christ I SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN”

This material is interesting reading to say the least.


The Christian Hope: Life in the Land of the Promise Made to Abraham The gnostic idea of a immortal spirit residing in a celestial world after death is still present in Christendom today, including the Watchtower organization. We as Christians are heirs to a promise! The promise to Abraham was to inheret the Land of Isreal. Jesus, and the Bible writers were Jews and they were grounddd in these promises and it is evident in their hopes and promises. Galations 3:29 Moreover, if YOU belong to Christ, YOU are really Abraham’s seed, heirs with reference to a promise. Consider that there… Read more »

shirl b

The name Jehovah is a made up name by a Catholic monk named Raymond. Why use a name you cannot pronounce. In Ezek 38: 23 God says “I …will magnify MYSELF and SANCTIFY MYself and make MYSELF KNOWN Read who we are to preach and who God has been pleased to make known in Col 1:27 &28

shirl b

in your beliefs you say there is only one class not two yet you say the chosen ones will rule with Christ, and the earth will be filled with people isn’t that two different hopes and classes


It would be interesting to read an article some time about what you’ve learned from web-site analytics. (For example, it surprises me that your “Find Friends” map shows so many participants in countries where English is not the first language, but surprisingly few in most of the western United States; and there is nobody on the map from Mexico and South America.)


Today is my first day seeing your site. It is a comfort to know I’m not alone in my understandings. I appreciate the fact that the articles I’ve looked at so far are well written, scriptually supported, and not categorical/judgemental. As none of us have been appointed as prophets, we can err at times. For that reason, we cannot be categorical and must listen to others if they have strong biblical proofs. On some websites it appears that ex-JW’s like to bash the organization and their brothers. Frankly, I feel that sarcastic bashing is a form a judging, and the… Read more »

Anonymous Two

For the sake of transparency, what are the actual costs of running this website? When donations are accepted, many would like to know where the money is going.


You are apostates

shirl b

why are you here then? Obviously you do not trust what you know to be valid


I can’t help wondering if it’s really a good idea to encourage people to go to Reddit or Tumblr. Would a Christian not be better employed concentrating on studying God’s Word which, as JWs/exJWs, is an obvious requirement. Getting involved in these websites could be very time consuming and not very productive, I think.