As many of our regular readers are aware, we have for some time desired to host a more structured discussion forum.

We are pleased to announce that we have now set up a new site for this purpose.

In the interests of testing the site features and security we would like to run a trial period whereby the site is initially open by invitation only, and for that reason we are not linking to the site or disclosing the name here at this time. We hope that the trial will be relatively short – perhaps a couple of weeks maximum.

Any of the current regular contributors to Beroean Pickets will be welcome to join immediately. Please just send an email to apollosofalexandria [AT] (The [AT] is of course an @ sign, but I’m trying to limit robots from harvesting my full email from this article). In your email you will just need to tell me your screen name here, and make sure that you contact me via the same email address that you use on this site. I will email you back with the new site address.

It will be necessary for you to register a new account on the forum if you wish to contribute to the discussions. We suggest you use the same screen name as you do here for the sake of continuity. We now have a great core of regular contributors on this site and hope that you will take the time to sign up and join. will remain our primary site for the purpose of publishing in article format, and comments will still be permitted here. However, as many of you are aware, certain subjects have generated so many comments that it sometimes becomes challenging to keep track of the flow of information. We hope that a dedicated discussion board will overcome the limitations of simply commenting in blog format and enable us to have more productive discussions.

This is a bit of a learning experience for us, so please bear with us as we iron out any wrinkles in the early stages. Actually please just bear with us as we iron out wrinkles at any stage 🙂

We will try to find a good balance in moderating the site. There have been a few instances on this site that we have had to censor comments. We hope that there will be minimum requirement to do so on the discussion forum, but that will depend on the users of course. We want the site to be a friendly and welcoming place for everybody. If you are going to join the discussion please take a moment to review the site policies when you first arrive there. You will find the link to that in the footer of the page on the new site.

For now we ask that those who apply and join do NOT publish the new site name in your comments here until the trial period is over. If an article on this site ( inspires you to begin a new topic on the discussion board then you may post a brief comment here to say that you have done so, but without naming the site. Remember, any of the existing users here will be able to join anyway, so they will know where to go. Or you can simply start a topic over there and make reference to the article here. After the trial we hope to make the affiliation between the sites clear enough to users so that there will be no issues with this.

You may however privately invite other trusted individuals to join, and you are welcome to privately disclose the name of the site to them directly.

For those of you who have just come across and so have not been a regular contributor here prior to this announcement, please do not be offended by our limited invitation at this time. The restriction will not be for long.

As always we are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Some of you may have specific experience with running discussion boards, and if so we are most certainly not above receiving your kindly direction.

As with, the new discussion board is a community site by its very nature, and its success will depend very much upon you – our Christian brothers and sisters. We very much look forward to engaging in uplifting and spiritual conversation with you all.

Your brother,