Free Christian Association

Do not be known by any other name than Christian.

FIND OTHERS: The purpose of this service is to assist you to locate other forum readers in your area for Christian fellowship.  Zoom in to your area and connect via email and phone. We choose not to include address information for reasons of safety and confidentiality.

HELP OTHERS FIND YOU: Complete the form to assist others in your area to contact you for Christian fellowship.  Valid submissions must include a name or alias, a phone number and/or email address, as well as a city or urban area near you, plus your country and if applicable a postal code.

IMPORTANT: Use of this service is restricted to adults only.  Beroean Pickets cannot endorse the character nor beliefs of any individual on this map.  We have no means of doing background checks, so proceed with caution.  We make this service available in response to numerous requests from regular readers who are seeking to enjoy Christian fellowship and encouragement in line with Hebrews 10:24, 25.  It should not be construed to infer that we are organizing meetings.

Add or Change Map Details!


To Add: Valid submissions will contain as a minimum requirement: a name or pseudonym, a valid phone number or email, and your country + city + postal code. Add as much additional information as you are willing to share. We will not publish your exact address.


To Change: Use the contact form to inform us of updates to the map, such as broken links, to warn us, or of any general concern about the map. We will verify your information and update to the best of our ability.

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